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AEM Roofing Services Boasts membership in the top 5% of Owens Corning Preferred Contractors. This distinction is bestowed on Companies that always meet the strictest standards in the industry. Owens Corning offers our BEST Roofing system Warranty because they choose installers who consistently provide professional, courteous, and reliable service coupled with excellent craftsmanship.

Owens Corning is the most trusted manufacturer in the industry, and we deliver complete roofing systems and never offer inferior products. All our products are warrantied. Our process is exceptional, without exception. Success is in the details!  We are attentive to the smallest detail, from beginning to end. We guarantee that our crews will leave your home, meeting or exceeding your expectations.  We are so confident in the AEM process that we offer the “SYSTEM to SYSTEM” guarantee. We will match any quote lower than ours. AEM is a proud family business committed to providing your family with the best service available anywhere.  It is our aim to create binding trust, and lifelong friendships.

Need a new roof?  Call us or fill out our form now!  Our certified professionals, with over a quarter-century of hands-on experience, will visit and give you a free estimate. Because our goal is complete satisfaction, there is no payment until the job is finished.

  1. Ridge: An intersection of two roof planes forming a horizontal peak.
  2. Ridge vent: An exhaust vent that runs horizontally along the peak of the roof allowing warm, humid air to escape from the attic.
  3. Flashing: Waterproofing construction used at intersections of different planes or at openings in the roof.
  4. Hip: The intersection of two roof planes that meet to form a sloping ridge running from the peak to the eave.
  5. Deck: The structural base for the roof, usually made of wood or plywood.
  6. Underlayment: A layer of protective material between the deck and the shingles.
  7. Valley: The intersection of two sloping roofs joining at an angle to provide water runoff.
  8. Laminated or three-dimensional shingles: Shingles containing more than one layer of tabs to add dimension and durability.
  9. Gable: The triangular section of the outer wall at the peak of the roof. Also a type of roof.
  10. Metal drip edge: A narrow strip of noncorrosive metal used at the rake to facilitate water runoff.
  11. Dormer: A structure containing a window that projects vertically through the slope in the roof.
  12. Ice and water barrier: A self-adhesive waterproofing membrane used along eaves and valleys to protect these sensitive areas against ice damage and wind-driven rain.
  13. Eave: The lower border of the roof that overhangs the wall.
  14. Undereave vent: Intake vents located under the eaves of the roof that help draw cool dry air into the attic.